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Kirk's Automotive Transit-Tech 6000™

Load Test your Alternators and Regulators up to 600 Amps before installation!

Pre-testing alternators and regulators saves downtime, ensures quality components and prevents the installation of faulty or marginal units!

Kirk’s Transit-Tech 6000™ Test Stand is engineered to provide:

•Automatic and manual computer-controlled output testing
•Load-testing at various oil temperatures and pressures
•Endurance testing at high output for extended periods
•Windows software for test results and reports
•Load-testing up to 600 Amperes
Note: Testing of Kirk’s Remanufactured 450 Amp Alternator shown)
•Testing and adjusting voltage regulators
•Tooling available for all types of alternators
•USB port for easy data transfer
•Innovative touch screen for easy control
•Kirk’s Transit-Tech 6000™ produces test summary for each unit